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Thank you!

We got your application! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please give us 72 hours to respond before following up.


  • Your application will be reviewed, and we will ask any questions needed. You will then be notified once you are approved.

  • Please give the adoption coordinator and/or foster 48 hours to get back to you after approval to discuss the dog you're interested in and if it's a good fit. Contact us if you don't hear from anyone in that timeframe.

  • After that, you can pay the adoption fee (plus transport fee if you're out of state--you'll find that option under shipping at checkout) and then the dog is yours! We will either give the dog to you if you're meeting and paying in person or schedule the dog for transport.

DO NOT pay the adoption fee before you get approval and speak to either the adoption coordinator or foster of the dog.

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