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Welcome to Charming Pet Rescue!

Have you seen us grow? We started in 2015 with a few kennels and a dream. During the first Big Give, we needed privacy fencing SO BADLY, and we were blessed by many donations! Another year we needed money for a kennel building, and it has rocked my WORLD having a night night space with an

air conditioning for the dogs to sleep in is awesome!!! I have been so relieved to also put in permanent structures and fans on all of our outdoor kennels and HALLELUJA…Charming Pet Rescue has hired people to take care of the dogs and yard part time so we aren’t holding our breath for volunteers every day.

This year, for The Big Give 2021, we want to GROW AGAIN!!! This time we need water outlets in the Big Yard and the Kennel YARD! This will allow us to be SO MUCH more efficient, and burn fewer calories by hauling buckets full of water up and down the hill. Watching Charming Pet Rescue grow has been nothing but AMAZING and a miracle! We are 100% funded by donations and make our pennies count! From adding gates and fixtures to providing spays and neuters, we appreciate all of the donations that keep Charming Pet Rescue spinning!


The Big Give is September 23, so please help us continue growing our dream to save more pets!


8430 Flint Rock Dr

Boerne TX 78015

Every Saturday is open house!

Come visit us from 10am-2pm

No appointment necessary!