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Carol and the CHI

Carol Collie is a beautiful 84 year old independent senior needing a companion to spend her time with. Being a widow and losing her last chihuahua of 18 years, she was lonely with no one to talk to and no need to keep going out and walking. When she heard about the senior program, and then saw a picture of Lola, she KNEW that Lola was for her. After talking to the amazing foster mom and deciding she was definitely ready for a companion, Carol took the leap and met up with Lola. It was the PERFECT match!

Lola came to us after losing her elderly owner. Although she was scared and uncertain, she came around to the foster mom quickly. Lola is a youthful 7 year old Chihuahua that absolutely loves to cuddle, walk and eat treats! She will dance on her hind legs for treats and loves to tuck herself in with her human under the covers. She does not like to be alone and we knew she'd make a senior adopter the perfect friend.

Lola was sitting Carol's lap for a few minutes, waiting for us to get all of her essentials together, and definitely was not leaving! So many dogs get excited in the car and want to jump into the back seat, or out of the car, but Lola just sat there totally content!

Carol and Lola are off on a new adventure of getting to know each other and enjoy each others company! Both were so happy as they got in the car to go home!

We will be updating this story as their friendship blossoms!

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