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Barbara's griffin

Charming Pet Rescue received several senior dogs from an owner's family because the owner was going into assisted living and could no longer care for the dogs. One of those dogs was "Cotton", a 9 year old super sweet and gentle miniature poodle. He was so sad! He just wanted to be loved and in a home again. When Barbara first saw him, she knew he was for her! She fell in love with his picture and when she met him at the rescue it was love at first site for both of them! The connection was simply amazing!

They were all set to go home and learn more about each other and see how he would fit in at her home, he was also renamed Griffin before they even got in the car. And he answered to it! When they got Griffin to his new home he was ecstatic! He was running around smelling everything, rubbing on everything and loving his new life already! Well, you can see for yourself in this great video!

The Silver Paws & Senior Hearts Program is for ANY senior 55 years old and older and ANY dog or cat 7 years or older. It has been proven that pets relieve loneliness, stress and depression and we are here to help both senior adopters and the senior pets! Find out more here:

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