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Silver Paws & Senior Hearts supports the Charming Pet Rescue mission through providing senior dogs loving adoptive homes with senior people. This program is local to San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area only.

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This NEW adoption program will enable seniors (ages 55+), that are on a fixed income, to adopt a senior dog or cat (age 7+) that still has so much love to give!

With this program, the senior will be a forever foster for a dog from Charming Pet Rescue, with a signed contract that states, if the senior is no longer able to care for the pet, the pet will always have a place back with the rescue. If a family member wants to step in and adopt the pet at that time, that is an option as well!


How it works

The rescue will cover ALL COSTS the dog incurs, for its lifetime with the senior. Food (according to feeding chart below), annual bloodwork and support of the dog if anything arises due to nature taking its course.


If the senior cannot drive, we will provide transport of the dog to and from the vet*. This means the total cost of the care of a senior dog to a senior heart is ZERO! Only their time and love!

*Our adoption with transportation is within a 10 mile radius of Charming Pet Rescue. Any senior adopter outside that area must have transportation for the pet(s) to/from vet and other appointments. If, at any time, they do not have transportation available the pet(s) will be returned to Charming Pet Rescue.

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