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Age: 2 years

Weight: 60 pounds

Location: Foster

Arrow is now at his ideal weight, looking handsome and athletic with a shiny, healthy coat. He’s gained a lot of confidence in his place in the pack and enjoys wrestling with his Weim foster brother. Arrow is a German Shorthaired Pointer and he’s about 2 years old and 60 pounds.

Arrow is a large, athletic dog. His long legs give him natural running ability, and with continued practice he will make an amazing running buddy. He regularly does 8-12 milers with us, and does need a few reminders to stay focused but it’s steadily improving. He also loves walks - we do two kinds of walks. One we call “sniff walks” on a long lead where Arrow can follow his nose. The other is just about exercise business and he walks really effectively on a half hitch to curtail the pulling. Arrow needs these outlets - both mental and physical - to be his best self.

Arrow is doing well on sit and getting better at come. We are also working on “place”, which we think is important to peace at the dinner table, as Arrows head is effectively table level. He’s completely house trained and crate trained.

He’s a handsome athlete and will be successful with a family who can commit to giving him the physical and mental outlets GSPs need to be good dogs. After seeing him settle in, I’d be comfortable with him going to families with other dogs (male and female) with patient adjustment time and the understanding that this boy is a giant puppy, who loves big and plays big.

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