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Age: 11 years

Weight: 73 pounds

Location: Rescue

Meet Charlie!

One of our amazing team members found this sweet boy stray and we brought him in to check for a chip and he had one! It was put in through Animal Care Services so we contacted them trying to find owner info. Long story short this is just another story where it seems this boys family dumped him, owners never responded. His records indicated that he’d been in the San Antonio shelter twice before, once as a puppy in 2013 and then again in 2021. We really can’t say enough about Charlie and his absolute sweet demeanor! He is playful and smiles all day long! He’s able to be out with all of the dogs and is good with kids and I would imagine cats too, we just need to give him an official cat test. Charlie weighs about 70 pounds and is a yellow lab mix, 11 years young! He would make an excellent addition to any home!

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