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Age: 4 months

Weight: 30 pounds

Location: Rescue


Forest is an affectionate and sociable 4-month-old pup, weighing 30 pounds, who adores everyone he meets! His favorite pastime is cuddling with people and pets alike, making him the perfect snuggle companion. Forest is a social butterfly and gets along famously with all animals, including cats and a bunny when he was in foster—he snuggled everyone! While he’s nearly mastered potty training, a little more consistency will have him fully trained in no time. Forest’s playful nature shines brightest when he’s with other dogs, as he loves nothing more than running around and engaging in fun, playful antics. Forest simply craves companionship and loves being in the company of his humans, eager to be part of the action and to share his boundless affection with his forever family.

Forest’s adoption fee is half off! He’s been with us either in foster or at the rescue since before Christmas 💔

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