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Age: under 5 years

Weight: 20 pounds

Location: Foster

Meet Lucky, a resilient mama dog who has braved hardships with an unwavering spirit. Overlooked and simply called “Girl,” Lucky found her true worth thanks to Charming Pet Rescue, where a newfound name marked the beginning of her transformation. Sheltering her seven precious babies under a deck, Lucky’s initial wariness stemmed from a life of neglect and fear. Yet, amidst her guarded demeanor, glimpses of trust emerged as she allowed her foster family to gently connect with her. As Lucky slowly unfurls her layers, you can see her potential shining through. Though she is slow to accept new people and dogs, her heart is eager to love and be loved. Are you her person? Lucky eagerly awaits that special someone who will see her not for her past scars, but for the promise of a radiant future filled with happiness and companionship. Lucky hasn’t let us get a good look at her teeth yet, but she’s younger, under 5 years, and maybe about 20 pounds.

She would love a quiet, patient, loving foster or foster to adopt home to help her keep coming out of her shell. She would probably benefit from having a confident dog in the home to help guide her.

Lucky is only available locally and is not available for transport out of state.

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