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Mochi (Male)

Mochi (Male)


Hello, fantastic humans! I'm Mochi, the larger-than-life love bug ready to add a dash of joy to your world. At a solid 13 pounds, I'm not just a cat; I'm a fluffy ball of affection with the most enchanting golden yellow eyes you've ever seen.

I hail from a rough part of town, but thanks to the rescue, I've bid farewell to those scary days. Now, I'm on a mission to find my forever home where chin scratches and praises are doled out generously.

Let me tell you, I'm not just a cat who sits quietly in the corner. No sir, I'm a vocal virtuoso, exercising my vocal cords to serenade you with a symphony of purrs and meows. Why, you ask? Well, I believe attention is meant to be earned, and I've perfected the art of getting noticed.

Chin scratches, oh how I adore them! Being told what a good boy I am? That's my love language. I'll gladly trade a serenade for a good chin scratch any day.

Picture this: a tabby-patterned cat lounging in the window, watching clouds roll by. I'm not just a cat; I'm a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

Now, let's talk about my social circle. People, I love them all. Strangers? Bring 'em on! Other kitties? I'm a social butterfly and enjoy my peers. But dogs? Ugh, can't stand them. Let's just say we're not each other's biggest fans.

I'm around 3 years old, neutered, up to date on all my vaccines, and in the prime of my life. Did I mention I'm a bit of a foodie? Treats are my weakness – any and all of them.

So, if you're ready for a vocal, lovable, treat-loving companion, look no further. Adopt me, Mochi, and let the purr-fect adventure begin! I'm available for adoption from the rescue.

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