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Mr. Piper

Mr. Piper


Age: 15 years

Weight: 18 pounds

Location: Rescue

Mr. Piper is a loving senior Shih Tzu looking for the perfect home to live out his golden years. He is good around other dogs but likes his own space and doesn’t really interact with them. He would do best with other dogs that do their own thing as he doesn’t like to share toys and prefers to have his own space. He’s a 15 year old Shih Tzu and weighs 18 pounds.

He is partially blind, but is still able to get around, you would never know he’s blind until he occasionally bumps into something. He can go up the stairs like a champ but with supervision just in case. He gets daily eye drops for dry eye, a condition very common for his breed.

He loves to cuddle on the couch next to his human. He chooses to sleep on the floor whenever and wherever. He likes to plop down on tile floor to cool down but he also likes to sleep on the floor over night.

He is fixed and potty trained but if it’s raining he does not want to go outside and does his business on a puppy pad. He loves to run in the backyard and play with toys. Piper has the cutest crooked smile and can’t wait for his forever home!

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