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being seniors together

Dobby came to Charming Pet Rescue when his elderly owner had passed away. He was super thin, had never had a dental, had heartworms, and was literally shutting down from depression and fear. He looked to be about 12-15 years old.

Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle Organization, we were able to get Dobby special food, vet care and a dental Dobby’s life through love and attention but being on a fixed income he also knew that the veterinary bills would be high for a senior dog that already had health issues. Thankfully, he was able to adopt Dobby through the Silver Paws & Senior Hearts Program, which allows the senior to keep the dog but all expenses, including food, vet care and medication are provided by the Program.

After about 90 days Dobby looked so much better! His fur was soft and silky, and his face had filled out. Remember how we thought Dobby was 12-15? Once he was back to good health and living in a

loving home, we found out that his is only 8! Yes! We can't believe the difference in this little guy!

Scott takes Dobby everywhere he goes! Dobby even has a special bed next to Scott in the front seat of the truck so he can watch where they are going. And, yes, they even go out for that occasional ice cream together! These two are quite the pair!

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