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for the love of buttons

This girl, right here, is the reason why we

are so grateful for the Grey Muzzle Organization! Buttons is an 11-year-old super sweet girl. She lived with one owner her whole life, until that owner became unable to take care of herself and had to go into an assisted living facility that would not allow Buttons to come along. Poor Buttons was scared, confused, and really depressed by all the sudden change in her little

life. Unfortunately, the last few years she did not eat as she should and gained a lot of extra weight. Because of the grant from Grey Muzzle Organization, we were able to take this girl in, get her on a proper diet, fix her teeth, and find her an excellent foster home. She is now taking walks every day and her food intake is being monitored. She has already lost 2 pounds and on her way to being her fit and trim self! She will go in for her dental as soon as she loses a little more weight and is fit for surgery. Button has been on heart medicine for a while, and we hope that the weight loss will help her heart as well. Once she is at a steady weight, her heart is being monitored regularly and she has a dental, Buttons will be available for adoption in our Silver Paws & Senior Hearts Program. Through this program we are sure she will find another senior woman that will love and

care for her for the rest of her days. This program is so wonderful as it provides a great loving home for a senior dog and helps reduce loneliness and depression for both the pet and the senior adopter! We will keep watch on Buttons and keep everyone updated through social media and our Charming Pet Rescue newsletter.

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