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Margie and Zorro the perfect pair

Margie is 97-year-old independent senior living on her own and took in Zorro, a 12-year-old chihuahua that had recently lost its owner. Both needed companionship and it was a match made in Heaven. Zorro loved to try and escape out the front porch door so much that it became a game for him to challenge the ladies coming in to clean and check on Margie. Everyone loves both Margie and Zorro so much! The pair really enjoy walks around the little pond and watching all the ducks as they go swimming by. Through this amazing friendship over the last 8 months Margie has stayed busy with daily care of Zorro and enjoyed some exercise through their walks with each other. This has also been beneficial to Zorro as he is given much needed love and affection for the remainder of his life. Margie and Zorro are just one couple that have enjoyed the benefits of Silver Paws & Senior Hearts! Right now, Charming Pet Rescue has 17 senior pups living with incredible senior people that give them the love and dedicated attention they deserve. These matches are helping both adopters and adoptees get beyond depression and loneliness. Please consider donating to our Silver Paws & Senior Hearts Program and helping us provide love and companionship to senior people and pets! Charming Pet Rescue pays ALL veterinary bills including expensive dentals for each senior dog and ALL supplies needed during the time they are together. If you have a senior over 55 needing companionship please think of adopting one of our senior pets! We do not adopt based on financial status, only age!

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