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Scout’s Happy Tail

From Scout's Adopter... too good not to share!

Hi Charming Pet Rescue Team! We just wanted to share a quick update on our recent rescue. The work you all do is absolutely incredible, and we have been so blessed to watch the animals at your rescue receive so much care and love. 

We adopted Scout (who we renamed Hines) about a month ago, and he has been the BEST addition to our family. He loves cuddles and affection and is very calm in the house. As soon as we get outside, he’s a high-energy, playful pup. We love it! We’re going to be starting some dog training soon for leash manners and to work on socializing with other dogs.

We ran a DNA test and he’s mostly Boxer, Pittbull, and….Chow?? We think they got the DNA mixed up because we thought for sure there’d be some Rottie!

😂 We also had our first snowfall here in Pittsburgh, PA, and this dog LOVES the snow. ❄️ 

We are just so thankful for your process and attention to detail and that you provided us with our very special family member. We will continue to support, donate, and recommend you guys to the best of our abilities! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ❤️- The Serventi Family and Hines 🐶

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